Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nars Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review+Swatches!

This palette was probably one of my most coveted purchases in 2014, maybe it is the fact that Nars never did an eyeshadow palette this huge or maybe it's the fact that it looks simply stunning. This palette offers 15 eyeshadow, is super sleek, comes in the usual rubbery packaging that Nars always offers and contains a BIG mirror, nice little bonus. It is kind of pricey, it retails at the hefty price of 85CAD$, I got mine from Sephora. Now, onto the actual quality of the eyeshadows themselves, every shade was a hit and miss for me. Now, keep in mind this was my very first time trying Nars eyeshadows so I can't compare to the actual quality of Nars Duo eyeshadows and so on. The biggest pro to these shadows is that all of them blend out effortlessly and beautifully. There's a few shades in here (about 4 of them), mainly the lighter offerings, which are poorly pigmented and seem like they don't stick to the lid properly (if you know what I mean). I highly suggest to use an eyeshadow primer underneath just so it helps a bit with that problem. But, the darker shades are all gorgeous and seem to have better pigmentation and texture, which I find quite odd to say the least. These did not crease at all on me, even without a primer so it's a great one to reach for if you want your eyeshadows to stay on for a long period of time. I don't reach out for this palette as much as I'd like to, which disappoints me quite a bit but it doesn't take away the fact that every makeup lover or Nars lover would love to have this in their collection It's a great palette for daytime (and even better for nightime if I'm honest) and has a wide array of shades ranging from neutrals to purples and blues, matte to shimmery and glittery. Sure, there are some less pricy and better quality neutral eyeshadow palettes out there (Naked palettes anyone?!) but none of them compare to the luxury that it is to own a Nars Palette this beautiful!
(From left to right: Coconut Grove, Bali, Fez, Madrague#2, All About Eve#1)

(From Left To Right: Mekong, Brousse#2, Ashes To Ashes, Nepal, Madrague#1)

(From Left To Right: Pandora#2, Bad Behavior, Dogon#2, Lhasa, Bellissima#1)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Drugstore Dupe: MAC Pâtisserie and Nars Dolce Vita

When I was cleaning up my lipstick collection last weekend, I found an unexpected dupe for two of my all time favorite nude lipsticks, NARS Dolce Vita and MAC Pâtisserie. Both are those kinda ''my lips but better'' lip colors with a gorgeous sheen, very natural. These two look pretty similar, almost exactly the same, the only big difference is the texture (I prefer the NARS one, it's so lightweight!). The dupe I found is a lipstick I used to wear a lot when I was younger, Rimmel Airy Fairy, a 5$ drugstore lippie! When you swatch them all next to each other, you'll notice that NARS Dolce Vita is a tad darker and Pâtisserie a tad pinker, but overall, especially on the lips, they are all spot on the same. The Rimmel one is great quality aswell, the finish is the same as both of my higher end options and the lasting power is great.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Spring Edit: Bright Lipsticks

Spring is slowly creeping upon us so better get ready for it! When I think about spring, I think about bright lips automatically! So today, I'll be sharing with you my favorite bright lips options, bring on those oranges and flashy pinks!

Maybelline Vivids in Hot Plum: A bright blue-based magenta/purple.

Maybelline Vivids in Fuschia Flash: A flashy neon fuschia.

Rimmel Moisture Renew in Coral Queen: A medium coral/orange leaning towards red.

Revlon Matte Balm in Mischievious: A matte pastel, almost neon orange. 

MAC Saint-Germain: A bright blue-based Barbie-esque pink.